Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reflections from the Audience

Last night at the Glengary Variety Show, I took a moment to reflect and create a post.  Below is what I wrote.

One of the ultimate highlights of each school year is the Glengary Variety Show.  For 12 years I have led my class in acts, as well as participated in the staff acts.  From "Kung Foo Fighting" to "Hot Chocolate" from Polar Express and Boom Sticks played to "I Gotta Feeling"  to "Be True to Your School", I have always loved getting creative and having a night of fun. This year has been no different.  My class is doing a parody of “Call Me Maybe” but doing “Tweet Me Maybe.” (Which we changed a bit from . We are ending it with, “We’re Techie and We Know It!” My students each have created shirts with app icons on them.  They look great!  For a staff act, we are doing a Just Dance song and utilizing the choreography from the game! 

I was in Florida for the Florida Educational Technology Showcase (FETC) this week, and I missed the dress rehearsal.  So as I sit here, I am watching these acts for the first time, and I have to say…this show has evolved over the years!  I am so impressed with the creativity that is coming from these students!  71 Acts…and variety is completely apparent!  I am impressed that 23 of those acts are solos!  There are hundreds of people in the audience, and the children are showing such great stage presence!  There are 2 acts that are in complete makeup to look like KISS, ballet dancers, a Polynesian dance act, gymnastics, magic, drama, etc. The costumes have been awesome and the theme is FUN!  Sitting in the balcony with all of the kids, I have also been just as entertained by them enjoying the acts.  What a night of celebration!

I also have to admit that I have gotten emotional a few times this evening.  (Thank goodness I am in the dark balcony.)  Over the last few days, I have thought about my educational beliefs a lot, and they always come back to the importance of creativity and confidence!  I have seen some of my current and former students get up there and rock the stage...students that were not always the ones in the class that would jump in and participate, students that were sometimes the ones having behavior issues, and students that would worry about what others would think and avoid situations because of it.  Pride!   That is what my heart is full of right now!  I have hugged many of them tonight and shared my pride with them.  These are the moments that I hold dear!  Moments that are far away from percentages and state test scores…but so valuable in the scope of life! 
Our class did a great job, and they were so proud of themselves!  Our staff had a great time showcasing our moves...and great new styles as well!  (See Below) A grandmother came up to me and told me that she looks forward to my acts each year and loves how I have clever acts.  It made me smile!  I even had one of my former students come up to me and tell me that he worked 5 hours tonight just to be able to see me. (He's a 9th grader on the tech crew for the stage.)  Again...this night had nothing to do with curriculum or assessments, but I can assure you important skills were gained tonight. 


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