Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teachers Love Technology But Need Time and Support

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Yes, teachers that use technology LOVE technology and want MORE technology! Yet with so much changing in our education system right now with CCSS, Smarter Balanced, Teacher Evalutions,  I find that many teachers are overwhelmed and look at technology as something to learn more about when they have the time.  Just like many things in our world, there will never be the perfect amount of time to embrace it.  I think that our education system needs an intervention to allow technology coaches to work with teachers hands-on in the classroom.  I also think that technology leaders need to be more of a focus at regular curriculum conferences to reach another audience.  If I could pick my ideal job right now, it would be to work with teachers side-by-side helping them to embrace technology, take risks with technology, and build a professional learning community that will continue to guide them in collaborative, creative ways! 

Do you have coaches at your school? How are they used?  How are they funded?  Please share your ideas! 

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